Hannah Vermeersch


Nickname: Verm

Birth date: 10/09/1992

Born: Esperance

Living in: Perth

Club: WARC

School: PLC Perth

Institute/Academy: WAIS

Height: 178cm

Weight: 68kg

Began Rowing: 2006

Current Coach: Lincoln Handley, Bill Tait

Career Highlights: Qualification for the Women’s 8+ for the London Olympics & 2012 London Olympic Games W8+ final;

Occupation: Student

Favourite sporting team: West Coast Eagles

Favourite food: Yoghurt

Favourite book: The Help

Favourite film: Dirty Dancing

Personal hero:

Professional goals: Get a uni degree

One thought on “Hannah Vermeersch

  1. Robbo is my favourite hero.
    When I tell my school 1sts girls crew the legend of Robbo’s journey all complaints vanish.
    Bob is bigger than Chris Judd.
    Kind Regards,

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